Reincarnation of the aristocrat chapter 6

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Reincarnation of the aristocrat chapter 6

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At 15, became paralyzed. At 16, mother died in a car accident. At 19, was framed by the uncle. At 22, was stabbed by her own fiance and set on fire by fiance's girlfriend. Maybe the heavens felt pity, allowed Lu An to return to her 15 year old life. To face all the obstacles of her past life, she chose to be a high-class noble, determined to not let those who bullied her to have a happy ending!

Chapter name View Time uploaded. Chapter 3, Mar 24, Chapter 2, Mar 24, Chapter 6, Mar 12, Chapter 3, Mar 12, Chapter 2, Mar 12, Chapter 11, Feb 05, Chapter 5, Feb 05, Chapter 7, Feb 04, Chapter 6, Feb 04,Magical expressions are floating in my mind are drawn with unknown characters, and magic cannot be used if I cannot read it.

There are 36 types of magical characters, and after learning the sounds, I learn what changes their p. In any case, I would like to know not only the p. I understand again the meaning that the partner to be taught is important. As for p. If you remember bad p. TLN-Like being taught a second language by someone with a weird accent and learning it wrong.

reincarnation of the aristocrat chapter 6

There are one hundred and fourteen kinds of magical characters with thirty-six letters, and special patterns to change the p. After-acquired know-how for strengthening memory ability existed, I was running as a matter of course. In addition to that, the eyes of Towerhades are overlooked, so that it continues to exert an overwhelming load on the brain by the amount of information.

I have Super recovery and Growth limit breakthroughso I had evolved the brain to withstand that load. In addition, since I had learnt ten languages in the previous life, it is easier to learn languages. However, comparing my p. My tongue does not turn around because I use muscles I usually do not use. TLN-He cant p.

Muu, I can not accept it I had a hard time Anyway, since I have only one magic that Rougue can currently use, I will read it first. Dia, of course, is talking about the first magic of earth attribute.

She wrote out the magic that produces lead and p. Then lead was created from the palm. It somehow became a shape, and we were able to produce the lead. Although I was watching the invocation of the magic of Dia with eyes of Towerhades, I still have a lot of magic wasted compared with Dia, and compared to the case where Dia made a square of lead, this one is distorted and consumed more magical power. Lets confirm the magic waste with this eye each time when practising. By doing so I can approach the correct p.Romance - Shoujo - Slice of Life.

At 3, father disappeared. At 15, became paralyzed. At 16, mother died in a car accident. At 19, was framed by the uncle. At 22, was stabbed by her own fiance and set on fire by fiance's girlfriend. Maybe the heavens felt pity, allowed Lu An to return to her 15 year old life. To face all the obstacles of her past life, she chose to be a high-class noble, determined to not let those who bullied her to have a happy ending!

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ChapterChapter 94, Chapter 84, Chapter 64, Chapter 61, I really want to read it daily. But thanks you for your hard working. Can't wait to see the next chapter. Arguably not completed XD Just now clicking on this will lead you to unfinished work that's marked complete.

That aside Start reading Read Last. Summary At 3, father disappeared. Chapter List Chapter. Chapter Chapter 9. Chapter 8. Chapter 7. Chapter 6. Chapter 5. Chapter 4. Chapter 3. Chapter 2. Chapter 1.Three dishes and one soup, this treatment was much better than before. Previously, the Princess would only receive a few cold steamed bread. Feng Beiyue used the chopsticks to put some food into her mouth, leisurely eating, it was her first time eating ancient Chinese food, it tasted really good, not bad.

She was not afraid that Peixiang would poison her, even if she borrowed ten-times her courage, she would dare not.

After last night, Peixiang had thoroughly understood that this Princess was not the same cowardly, incompetent Miss as before. When Princess Long was alive, even the head master of the household did not have the right to speak.

But now that Princess Long had passed away, she left behind her distinguished identity, her royal blood, the Princess seal, and many riches! If she did that, not even Concubine Qin would dare to scold her, not to mention a mere servant. She would no longer have to be a timid servant girl! Peixiang was thinking how bright and beautiful her future would be, at the same time, Feng Beiyue had already seen through her intentions.

Princess Long was loved and revered by the country.

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Everyone loved Princess Long, so people were very hard-working and the annual taxes given to her were also very large. Her treasury was simply full of riches and treasure!

reincarnation of the aristocrat chapter 6

Search for: Close. Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 5. Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 4. Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 3. Goddess Creation System Chapter These were not for the Xiao family, but for Princess Long! Older Posts. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Post to Cancel.After I choked and coughed I became able to breathe. I feel the taste of blood. I seem to have vomited out some sort of liquid or maybe it was blood from within my mouth and now I was able to breathe. The voice of a middle aged woman. Even the shoulder which I hit really hard is not painful at all.

And I am beginning to understand why I am not able to talk properly. I was trying to feel my body and when I did I saw my cute and chubby hands with lovely little fingers attached to it, and even my arms were cute and puffy.

It was also impossible for me to toss and turn about. It would seem that my body is not very strong. Because they are not speaking either German or French it must be a language from a country that I am not familiar with. If we presume that I was reincarnated as soon as I died, then I would feel that based on the climate and the season that I was more to the South.

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However, some of the nouns were understandable for me. Just what kind of language are they speaking? It might be a small developing country which was independent of the former Soviet Union in Eastern Europe. By the way, the house is wooden and from what I can see the floors was also made out of wood.

There was no carpets or mats. When the sun sets, preparation for supper would be started. They would use a lamp to light the dark house and eat with it lit, afterwards they would go straight to bed. Ahh, They also seem to eat lunch. I am a baby. By the way breast milk tastes horrible. He was a middle aged man with a beard and blonde hair.Please use the Bookmark button to get notifications about the latest chapters next time when you come visit Mangakakalot.

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reincarnation of the aristocrat chapter 6

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Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 3

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